Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Teacher Hack: Oh the Places You'll Use Address Labels...

Other than the obvious use, address labels can be life savers in the teaching world! Here are a couple ways I use address labels!

  1. Folder Labels - Pre make labels for folders or notebooks with the subjects already typed on it. Edit it by putting in the student's name as well, and hand the student their sheet of labels on the first day of school! This makes labeling and organization much more manageable! 
  2. Parent Communication - Have a student regularly forgetting their homework? Type up a short message that states that the student forgot their homework. Put the address label in their assignment notebook, and have the parents sign it. 
  3. Rubrics - Like this blogger, I've found it simple to print out short rubrics on an address label. This provides basic feedback to students quickly! 
  4. Praise - In my Wonder (R.J. Palacio) Positive Reinforcement Plan, I have address labels that say, "Ask me why I'm WONDER ful." Students can wear this sticker around school, and the principal, other teachers, classmates, and parents can ask how the student earned this sticker!
  5. Reminders - Type up a short reminder and have each student put the address label in their assignment notebook, on a test, or on their FOREHEAD! Now they CAN'T forget! 
Keep your eye out for more Teacher Hacks!