Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meeting Local Education Celebs!

Enjoying the summer in Chicago is one of my biggest strengths. :) Beach Volleyball with a few friends, fellow teachers, and coworkers has been a blast so far this summer, and something I look forward to every Thursday! Here's our team!

This past Thursday has given me another reason to look forward to coming to Beach Volleyball! 

Chicagoland is a documentary that follows Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Principal Liz Dozier. Challenges in the Chicago's education and public safety are the focus, and the documentary explores how these individuals are generating change and innovation in Chicago. Chicagoland brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions per episode (I'm a bit of a cry baby...). My friend Kierstyn (also a teacher) and I regularly obsessed over what an amazing, dedicated principal Liz Dozier was in the show. I recommend watching the documentary to see what great things she's done! 

What does this have to do with Beach Volleyball? 

Last Thursday as we were checking in to our game I ran into Liz Dozier! Completely starstruck, I shook her hand, introduced myself, and completely wimped out on taking a selfie with her! I decided to tweet her afterward, just to let her know how excited I was to meet her....and she tweeted me back!! I like her even more now! ;)

It's the little things.