Sunday, August 10, 2014

New NONFICTION Common Core Close Reading Activity!

Nonfiction reading is a really large focus of the Common Core Standards. In Social Studies my students learn about the first 3 settlements: Plymouth, Jamestown, and Roanoke. Our textbook doesn't get very "meaty," so supplementing with more engaging text is extremely important to me. Why not throw in a little bit of close reading and technology while I'm at it?

I've expressed my love of LearnZillion in previous posts, but it's a free website with Common Core close reading lessons organized by standard. It makes me want to shed a tear, but I'll try to keep it together for the rest of this post.

I find it difficult to follow through the lessons without any sort of graphic organizer for my students to use, so I've used LearnZillion's resources, and created my own supplements to make the lesson a little more student-driven and require them to be a more text-dependent.

Take a look at the lesson on LearnZillion, and get the enrichment component through my Jamestown Common Core Close Reading product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I have a similar product (my personal favorite) with the Casey at the Bat poem. Love the poem. Love the rigor. Loveeee this activity! Download here.